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Client Reviews

LOVE THEM!! This is my just got out to the pool and my brows are still perfect look. Honestly amazed! Thank you for doing such a great job

They turned out so perfect!! And just in time too I was so worried that they wouldn’t have healed in time but look. Thank you so much for getting my eyebrows perfect for my wedding! I can’t wait for the pictures! 

Hey! I just wanted to send you an update about my brows. I am super happy with how they have turned out they look perfect. They have made life so easy. Thank you so much 🙂

I just wanted to say thank you so much.You made the whole process such a breeze. All from the booking to the appointment. I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect but you made me feel so at ease. Especially when you were setting up, I could tell that you are a perfectionist. I have gotten so many compliments and I promise to send them straight to you.

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Microblading Technician

microblading ottawa

What we do.

Here at beauty by nature spa we specialise in the best microblading Ottawa has to offer. We pride ourselves on delivering perfect results for every client that comes through our doors. By ensuring that all of our clients completely understand the process. And have complete control over how there brows will look, each one leaves with the brows that they have been dreaming of.

Each of our technicians will offer microblading that looks, natural, professional and tailored to you and your features. We make sure to accentuate your features to make sure that your new brows completely define your look. Microbladed brows also provide the perfect base for any look that you would like to achieve. As well as work as the perfect base to any makeup you may want to use.

We are specialists in permanent makeup and our team has a combined 60 years of experience. Meaning that you’ll be in good hands with any of our brow technicians. We have also made sure that all of our technicians have been trained to the highest standards. So that each one provides an excellent service that we can be proud of.  Our staff have also been trained to numb your brows so that all procedures will be virtually pain free.

At beauty by nature spa we also pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience. We have made sure that our treatment room are calming a luxurious, so that everyone of clients feels completely at peace before the procedure begins.

What is Microblading Ottawa?

Microblading or microblading eyebrows, is a method of applying pigment to the skin to create fine hair like strokes to mimic the look of eyebrows. A very small set of needles or a machine is used to create these strokes on the upper levels of the skin. Which helps to create very crisp precise hair strokes that look identical to the hairs already on your eyebrows.

Microblading eyebrows is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance, thicken or reshape the look of their eyebrows. This allows you to have complete control of how you would like your eyebrows to look. And how you would like them to be styled.

To those with trichotillomania, alopecia or even those that have spent years over plucking their eyebrows can benefit greatly from microblading as it allows them to get back the brows that they have lost. This can also help to bring back a lot of lost confidence.

Microblading can last for 1-3 years, which is why it is known as a semi permanent makeup solution. Touch ups are advised every 18-24 months to keep your brows look crisp and perfect. The procedure will often last around 2 hours with around 6-8 weeks of healing time.

The process

Below we will outline the process of getting your brows microbladed. This is so you have a clear idea of what the process is like and what to expect on the day of your appointment. It is advised that you don’t drink any alcohol on the day of your appointment.


Before the treatment begins, your microblading technician will start to prepare. First your microblading technician will sterilize the area that will be worked on. After this they will start to measure and set the guidelines for your new brows. And when you are happy with the shape and size. The numbing agent will be applied so numb your forehead and eyebrow area.

Next the pigment will be mixed to compliment your features and look as natural as possible. This will be measured and compared to your existing brows or your hair so that the perfect shade is mixed just for you. After everything has been confirmed and you have expressed that you are happy the microblading procedure will begin.

Microblading Your Eyebrows

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with everything. The microblading Ottawa technician will proceed to microblade your eyebrows. This will involve stretching the skin and drawing small hair like strokes to mimic the look of eyebrow hairs . Your microblading technician will also use any existing brow hairs as a guideline to ensure that they look as natural as possible. This can be done with either a microblading utensil or can with a machine . This will depend on what your technician feels most comfortable with. During the procedure your technician will check in with you to make sure that you are happy with how things are looking. And once they are done they will show you your new brows.

After the procedure

Now that your brows have been microbladed, you have the chance to take a up close look at how they have turned out. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with how they have turned out you’ll be talked through what to expect during the healing process. You’ll be given a booklet that will help to explain how to take care of the eyebrows as they heal and what to expect. We will also book you in for a touch up session that will take place 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure

Who Is Microblading For?

Honestly microblading is great for anybody who wants to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. The procedure works for anyone who wants fuller more defined brows while still maintaining a natural look. Microbladed eyebrows can also be the perfect base for any makeup look that you may want to achieve. Whether you want to look barefaced and natural or you want to look dark and glamorous. Your brows will be the perfect base as they will already be the perfect size and shape.

Microblading eyebrows is also great for those that have damaged their brows with years of over plucking. This is something that affects thousands of people. And can be easily solved through the strategic use of microblading. By taking advantage of the hairlike strokes the microblading uses, it will be near impossible to tell the difference from natural brows hairs. this is perfect no matter how over plucked your eyebrows have become and can work wonders in to improving the appearance of them.

Following on from this, we have found that microblading is also great for those suffering from trichotillomania, alopecia or any other condition that has a damaging effect on hair. We have helped to restore the brows of many of our clients who were near brow-less when they came to visit us. Showing that microblading can create the appearance of eyebrows even when there were none to begin with. They have also healed to look completely natural and amazing. As you can see microblading can work for anybody who is unhappy with the way that their eyebrows look. It can be a way for those to get the perfect brows that they have dreamed of.

Choosing A Microblading Ottawa Artist

Picking the right technician

Not all microblading technicians are the same and make sure that you pick the right one is extremely important. Making sure that your pick the right technician can mean the difference between perfect brows and eyebrows that look horrible and unnatural. Every single microblading Ottawa technician at beauty by nature spa has been trained in house. And has to live up to our high standards which can be seen in our portfolio.

Our Microblading technicians are judged on their ability to plan, shape, draw and shade eyebrows. These are the four most important elements and have to be perfected long before they are able to microblade a client. This is because your eyebrows will only look as good as the artist you choose. If you want the perfect natural looking brows that you’ve been dreaming of, you need to choose a good technician to complete your procedure. We invite you to take a look at our technicians work and to ask them as many questions as you can during your consultation. And you’ll see for yourself that our technicians are experts in their crafts.

How knowledgeable is your microblading technician?

Permanent makeup techniques can take years to perfect, and when it comes to your face you want perfect.  Since permanent makeup procedures can last up to 3 years. So you should do plenty of research before trusting someone with your face, especially when correcting an insecurity. Therefore you should only visit and trust permanent makeup technicians that have been trained and are experienced in the procedure you want.

An experienced and knowledgeable microblading ottawa technician, will know how to customize each procedure to their client. Skin is a living breathing and complicated canvas that requires a certain skill set to work on. An experienced microblading will know how to work will all skin types and complexions. As well as knowing how to work with different hair colours eye colors and different shaped faces.  All of our microblading technicians know that no two clients are the same and need to be treated as such.

Pick the right Technician

When choosing a microblading technician price can indicate how talented and experienced they are. Low prices can also be an indicator of a lack of experience or knowledge and is generally a red flag. This is due to the face that those who charge low prices are often cutting corners, in health and safety, sterilisation, and in equipment. Therefore you should avoid those that quote low prices for their procedures. In our opinion it is not worth the risk as permanent make up is on your face and cannot be hidden. In addition these ‘bargain’ procedures can result in much more expensive correction procedures in the future as well as the additional insecurity and embarrassment that can come from a botched procedure.

unfortunately the popularity of permanent makeup procedures, can draw in many who want to take advantage. this leads to a number of untrained and uneducated technicians offering permanent makeup procedures without having expertises to carry them out successfully. Our microblading Ottawa technicians have been trained in house and have years of experience in permanent makeup and microblading. And therefore charge a price that reflects their level of training and experience. Here art beauty by nature spa we do not compete on price. But on skill, talent and the results we give our clients.

Training, knowledge, skill and experience

There is nothing that can compare to having a solid training and experience. And these factors make for a great microblading technicians. The right training, a good level of talent, client reviews and a public portfolio are great indicators when choosing a microblading technician to carry out your procedure. Make sure to take a look through any potential choices website to look through their previous work. This will give you a great idea of the quality of their work before committing and paying a deposit for an appointment.

Skin and hair types

Here at beauty by nature spa we are lucky to live in a city that is as diverse as ottawa. This means our microblading ottawa technicians have been able to work on a number of different skin types and complexions. You should make sure that your technician is comfortable and skilled with working on different skin types. different skin tones require different requirements to ensure results are as expected.

Hair colour can also be a major factor when choosing the right microblading technician. Those with fairer hair may require much fairer microblading pigments if they want to look natural. whilst those with darker hair may need a range on different tones to ensure that their brows look natural and lifelike.

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